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What We Advise

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Speeding Offences
The flash of the speeding camera often starts the feeling that you know your license is in jeopardy
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Mobile Offences
Mobile Phone usage while driving is increasing all the time with automatic 3 point penalties
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Dangerous Driving
Dangerous driving is a very complex and difficult area. We would advise that you use our Free Advice
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Careless Driving
Careless driving can lead to a high point penalty or loss of licence. We can help guide you through it
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Drink Driving
Drink driving is a serious offence. Early intervention of Professionals would be highly advisable.

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What We Advise


Protecting Our Clients

Points endorsement leading to disqualification from driving can have a devastating effect on you as the Accused, perhaps resulting in loss of employment. Our commitment to protecting the best interests of our client ensures we will exploit every technicality and loophole to safeguard your licence.


High Level Court Craft

Unlike many road traffic firms we bring a broad range of criminal court experience to bear in these cases. This avoids the danger of restricted experience faced by other firms who deal only in road traffic law. Jim Bready has dealt with every type of criminal case from speeding to causing death by dangerous driving, red light contravention to murder. This combination of broad experience and specialism has proven to be a winning formula.