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1. Police Fixed Penalty Tickets for Speeding Offences in Scotland

If the police have given you a speeding ticket, you may be given the chance to pay a £100 speeding fine and take 3 penalty points on your licence without going to court. It is open to you to accept this or to contest the matter in court.

2. Court Prosecutions for Speeding Offences in Scotland

If you already have 9 points on your licence, or if it is a high speed, you will be prosecuted for your speeding offence in a Scottish Justice of the Peace Court (a “JP Court”).
For those who are convicted, the JP court can impose fines of up to £1000 (£2500 on a motorway). You will also get points on your licence. How many depends on the speed, but for any speeding offence you will not get less than 3, and you will not get more than 6. Once you have “totted up” 12 points on your licence you will be banned for 6 months. If it is a very high speed, the court will not put points on your licence but will impose a ban instead.

If you already have 6 points on your licence and you face a speeding charge in court, you are at risk of losing your licence. Many people choose to fight speeding tickets, either because they are innocent or because they simply cannot risk having 6 live points on their licence which could lead to a ban for the next offence.

3. Disqualifications for Speeding Offences in Scotland

If you are convicted for a very high speed the court will treat this severely and you may be banned outright, regardless of the penalty points you have. You will also get a speeding fine.

4. New Drivers Rules on Speeding Offences in Scotland

The penalties for speeding offences are even tougher on new drivers. If you have obtained your licence within the last two years, then you will be banned once you have 6 points (not 12) on your licence.
You will also be fined. You will be required to sit the test again. For some people, getting convicted for speeding offences in Scotland can result in disqualification: this can have a devastating effect on their personal and professional life. If losing your licence would lead you (or someone who relies on you to drive) to suffer “exceptional hardship” then we can tell the court this. In these cases, the court has the discretion to let you keep driving even with twelve points on your licence.

With over 5000 speed cameras in the UK, even the most prudent drivers find themselves being prosecuted for speeding offences in Scotland. Some drivers face multiple allegations of speeding offences from a single journey. If you would like guidance specifically relevant to you, please be in touch. There is no charge for our initial legal advice and no obligation to use us further: we will clarify where you stand and advise how you can best move forward.